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Among all seaside hotels of Xiamen, Lujiang Harbourview Hotel undoubtedly is the most time-honored and best reflects Xiamen characteristics. She wasonce the tallest building in Xiamen, boasting the first elevator in Xiamen. She opened the first bar, the first night club, etc. in Xiamen. As the most representative landmark building on Lujiang Road, she has witnessed the elegance and prosperity of both banks of the Lujiang River for a hundred years and embodies Xiamen style of combination of Chinese and western elements as well as tradition and modernity.
This half-century old hotel is located in the central section of Lujiang Road on the Island Ring Road, in close proximity to the bustling century-old business street of Zhongshan Road, facing Gulangyu Islet, the most beautiful urban area in China known as "Garden on the sea", across the sea. Among 154 guestrooms, she has all types of suites and sea-view rooms with balcony.,from which the panorama of Gulangyu Islet is accessible. It is the first hotel in Xiamen with all guest rooms equipped with notebook computers.


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